About Me

It’s likely I suppose that people reading a blog, poem, or review will want to know something about the person who wrote it. My name is Chris Edgoose, I live in Cambridge, UK and work as a teacher. I studied Literature, Life and Thought at Liverpool John Moores’ University (BA) and Creative Writing (Poetry) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MA). I have had poems published in PN Review, The Fenland Reed, Magma, Antiphon and The Literateur. I am a British, middle-aged, white, heterosexual male. Perhaps one day I won’t need to include that, but today I think I do.

About My Reviews

1. They are not acts of criticism, they are acts of love.
2. They accept that they arrive in the world through me – and only me.
3. They see a book of poems as a single entity.
4. They also see a single poem as a single entity.
5. They take a poem and its poet to be eternally bound together.
6. They take a poem and its reader to be bound together too but not eternally.
7. They know that every poem is linked, however tenuously, to every other poem.
8. They see poetry as part of the world.
9. They see poetry as a way in to the world.
10. They see a poem in front of its meaning(s).
11. They understand that poetry moves through different senses.
12. They owe no allegiance – to poem, poet or any higher law of poetry.
13. They want to understand.
14. They ask questions but do not always expect answers.
15. They will stand corrected.

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